Content Marketing Strategies In 2015

Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing Strategies

In 2015, we will see the visionary companies implementing content marketing strategies into their web sites. As Google stated a while ago, “Content Is King”, and we are just starting to see the beginning of that reign. Google Analytics is already hiding keyword data in their reporting, which is a sign of them encouraging quality content instead of a keyword-based approach. Another indication in quality content came from the Hummingbird algorithm update at the end of 2013. Full search queries are being taken into consideration with results pages rather than select keywords from those phrases. Similar to how you would ask Siri a complete question on your iPhone, you can enter your full thought into Google and generate more accurate search results.

Many businesses have still not adopted the practice of blogging as a business initiative. As the term “blog” may sound like a juvenile hobby or activity for teenagers, it has now become the standard for businesses generating revenue. It may be difficult to believe in 2015, but many companies are still hesitant to change. The old fashioned mind frame of business still exists. Decision makers need to be educated heavily on the benefits of generating unique content on a consistent basis in order to build their brand. In addition to education, decision makers also need to find resources that will write content, which is absolutely a full-time job in itself, let alone adding the necessary social media platforms into the mix.

Companies that write blog articles see up to 55% more web traffic than those that let their web site collect cyber dust. They also generate 70% more leads from blogging. If you more than doubled your current lead intake from blogging, would that justify employing a full-time writer? Blogging original content not only helps your customers through the buying cycle, but it establishes your brand as an authority in its respective industry. You’re the expert. Let Google tell the consumer that you’re the person they should seek for questions on products, how-to’s, technical specifications, and overall advice on the topic.

If you’re still unsure that a content marketing strategy is right for your business, search for some of your competitors and look at the ones that are consistently updating their web sites with helpful information for the reader. That 70% of additional leads is money that you left on the table.